Creative industry in Bournemouth is on the up

The Great Exhibition of Boscombe in association with the Arts by the Sea festival has given Bournemouth an identity stamp in a rapidly growing organic network of local talent. This includes artists, design, IT, PR and marketing specialists, performers, entrepreneurs, community leaders and mentors, who form an ever expanding team of passionate and enthusiastic role models.

The event engages the whole community, supports local businesses and creates lasting collaborations and memories.

The on-going year round community and collaborative creative buzz is ever strengthening and a joy to be part of.

The Programme

The Great Exhibition Arts Award, inspiring young minds.

Young people are our next generation of transformative leaders, and given the opportunity to explore and discover their creative talent, this allows them to follow their passion, increase aspiration and network with the best in the industry.

The aims of the programme are to improve and advance aspirations of local young people by the engagement and encouragement of the arts, leveraging from an existing network and strategy.

The creative arts project offers young people affordable access to the arts, arts education and local artists. The project is designed to support 13-21 year olds, including those residing in the most deprived areas of Bournemouth and give everyone fair opportunity.

The vision is to grow the event capacity year on year, and engage beneficiaries who have achieved the award, becoming young ambassadors for local arts, engaging other young people from their communities into the project.

The Arts Award Centre, the Old School House by the Sea, run by the EU Recreate creative industry program, is a creative co-working space with hot desk and meeting room facility for young people to work and deliver from. This is the hub ‘HQ’ for the Great Exhibition and other events.

Specific Aims

• Identify the passion, motivation and learning styles of the young people engaged •
• Inspiring young minds and imaginations, broadening networks and bringing young people and artists together •
• Improve life skills and confidence, and give young people specific direction •
• Mentor young people to make a positive contribution to our vibrant, diverse and connected community •
• Support young talent onto further education and employment in local creative industry •


All individuals enrolled will be given the opportunity to achieve an Arts Council Arts Award at Bronze, Silver and Gold Level.

We currently work with a number of relevant organisations, who offer support and referrals to our programmes, including:

• Bournemouth Integrated Youth Service •
• Bournemouth YMCA Next Generation & TEAM •
• Princes Trust •
• Young Enterprise •
• BCHA •
• Prospects •
• Guidance For Youth •
• Learning support units •
• Bournemouth Council for Voluntary Services •
• Boscombe Regeneration Partnership •

Who are 'we'

The Boscombe Community Interest Charity (BCIC)

The Boscombe Community Interest Charity (BCIC), Registered Charity Number 1155842, is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) that was founded in March 2014 and is a natural progression from the Boscombe Community Interest Company, a community umbrella organisation founded in 2012.

The charity enables us to apply for external funding and is used as a vehicle to connect with every community group we can to support and fund (through external applications) positive experiences.

The aims and objectives of the CIO are the promotion for the benefit of the public of urban or rural regeneration in areas of social and economic deprivation (and in particular in Boscombe) by the following means:

a) the advancement of education, training or retraining, particularly among unemployed people, and providing unemployed people with work experience:

b) the creation of training and employment opportunities by the provision of workspace, buildings, and/or land for use on favourable terms:

c) the provision of recreational facilities for the public at large or those who by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, financial hardship or social and economic circumstances, have need of such facilities:

d) such other means as may from time to time be determined subject to the prior written consent of the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales:

e) the relief of financial hardship.

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